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Welcome to (T)he (H)ated (S)ociety Gaming Community:

THS Mission Statement:
THS is constantly striving to enhance the online gaming experience of our members.
We believe that all gamers deserve a safe and professional gaming environment to call home no matter what their skill, race, gender or personal beliefs may be. Our goal is to become the hub for all types of players. Whether or not they may be competitive or casual gamers, THE HATED SOCIETY GAMING COMMUNITY is a place for them to call home while being able to express their talents and passions for video games.

Who and what are the THS:
THS is a professional gaming organization that provides avid and casual gamers alike the opportunity to improve either their gaming experience in general or aid in improving their skills; thus in turn enhancing their results. The Hated Society offers a unique community environment and knowledge to excel and promote full gaming potential. THS is composed of gamers on several games and game-types. We have pride in not only our community leaders but also the amazing member community. With competitive teams competing around the world, multiple departments and divisions that members can take part in THS has become the home for any gamer interested in bettering themselves and others The members of THS find like minded gamers who share common interests that are supportive, social and caring for one another. By utilizing our ranking structure the members of THS can find themselves learning key techniques to success such as loyalty, dedication and patience. If you’re a mature and open minded gamer looking to better your gaming experience and others join the THS Family today!

Understand what THS is before you decided to join..
The fact that you are reading this proves that you’ve already been introduced to THS to some degree, which means you’ve probably already heard a bit about what the community offers.

To avoid any confusion, rid yourself of what you’ve heard for a moment.
THE HATED SOCIETY , or THS  for short, is an online gaming community built to gather as many gamers as possible in hope to better enjoy the experience of online game-play. Spread out across several games, THS was built with more emphasis on enjoying yourself with an extensive number of friends while providing a competitive experience for those hardened gamers looking for a challenge. Every member of THS is expected to uphold the Code of Conduct and be respectful as a priority for membership.
THS is organized through several divisions, which is then broken down to several squads, each holding a maximum of 100 members. Each squad is game specific, therefore those members who are more avid fans of the Halo  franchise, for example, can be paired with fellow Halo buddies while the Call of Duty players are grouped within another squad. THS also provides a ranking structure in which those who are willing to put effort into helping and building the community make their way up through the ranks, while those who are just here for fun still enjoy the same experiences as any other member.
Our main informational website provides more detail on the rules, ranks, protocols, and other important information:

How do I join THS?
If you’re not already a part of THS, the process is simple, but the first question to answer is how did you hear of THS?  If you would like to join, please say so in the chat box and we will respond to you soon. If you met a member of THS while gaming, he or she may have the capability to recruit you in. In any case, the process will be described here:
1. Every member in THS is REQUIRED to read and agree to the THS  Code of Conduct, and it must be understood that any actions that violate the Code of Conduct will be dealt with accordingly.
2. A member MUST be at least 13 years of age, as stated by the Code, unless given exception by the authoritative officer in your squad or division.
3. A member must change their motto/bio to the appropriate format for your squad.
4. Members must add the appropriate squad tag to their friends list.
5. Lastly, be sure to sign up and visit the websites, especially from time to time.

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